Welcome to the NCTVET website, the mandate of the NCTVET is to develop and promote a certification system that is relevant, responsive and effective.

With that in mind, the NCTVET has the responsibility to develop standards, accredit programmes, develop assessments and award certificates and diplomas to individuals who have demonstrated competence in vocational areas.

Notice Board

Certificate Validation
Certificate with a certificate number printed on its face may be validated
How to Get Certified
The skills knowledge and experience that you already have
might just be good enough to earn you a certificate ...
Competency Standards
Competency Standards are industry-determined specifications of performance,
which describe the skills, knowledge and attitudes ...
Recognition of Competence
Record of your competence is stored on the
National Qualifications Systems (NQS). By using your NQS identification number ...
A Guide to Accessing Competency Standards
This guide will help you understand how to access Competency Standards.
Accreditation Process
Accreditation is a system, which officially recognizes educational training
organizations and programmes associated with those organizations ...
Assessment Information
The NCTVET offers assessment services to public and
private institutions, companies and individuals.
NCTVET Online Assessment Practice
Access our Online Assessment Practice and be prepared for the real thing.
How to become an Assessor
The Assessor Registration form must be completed and submitted
to NCTVET along with the following ...
Assessment Guidelines
The Assessment Guidelines define the roles and responsibilities of
the participants in the assessment process: the Assessor, ...