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  1. Jade Telfer

    Good afternoon I am trying to find out some information on weather or not my certificate in Data Operation level 2 was printed or if i passed the units to get the certifi cate.

        1. Good morning. Please provide your full name and TRN number so we can check your status on the system. When did you complete said course?

  2. Sherieka Shamara Benjamin

    I am urgently requesting a transcript to be sent overseas. Please advise of the process to apply for same and the cost. I am unable to locate an online application system for the request.

    Awaiting a response

    1. Good evening Ms. Benjamin. You can apply for a transcript by filling out the application form on our website… Go to (Resources> Application Form) and search for ‘NCTVET fee structure’. The fee is $600 per statement (standard) and $800 per statement (Express). The International fee is 30USD per candidate.

  3. Radcliffe Morgan

    Good night, I did a PLA in electrical instillation at Spring village can you please tell me if the certificate is ready.

    1. Good morning Mr. Morgan. Currently we are not printing any certificates due to reasons beyond our control. However, please provide your TRN number and date of assessment so we can check your status on the system.

  4. Tizan Sappleton

    Good evening is it possible I could get a transcript for a 1 year teacher’s assistant program I did at Clarksonville All Age School from September 1999-July 2000

    1. Good morning. You can apply for a transcript by completing and downloading the application form on our website… Go to (Resources> Application Form) or you can do so at the office. The standard fee for a transcript is $600 and $800 express. Please call 876-977-1700 for more details.

  5. Sophia Lawrence

    Good morning my name is Sophia Lawrence, my TRN# is 110171896 I have completed a course in Business management and supervision level, 3 and I am yet to get my certificate or transcript or any Information on my status. May I provide with dame thank you.

    1. Good morning, thank you for reaching out. I will check the system to see your status. Unfortunately, we are not printing certificates at the moment though (Please check advisory on website noticeboard). However, you can request a transcript. For more details you can call the office at 876-977-1700.

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