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  1. I am Teneel Simpson and I am doing the Supervisory Management level 3 online course with the Portmaria Heart Trust.
    I would like to exempt Maths and English because I have them in cxc passes. Thank you.

    1. Good day. It seems like your query is incomplete. Please review in order for us to assist you properly.

  2. I did the Network Incident Responder job certificate last year February and I just now reviewed the digital certificate for the course, and it has an obvious error on the certificate, and I am not sure how to get it corrected. It misrepresents the course I did and may cause issues with clarifying what exactly I did. I am open to sending an image of the digital cert or the pdf doc (btw very impressed by the block cert move lets me feel very confident in doing these courses) when you respond.

    1. Good morning. Please send an email to outlining the situation. Please include your name, TRN, the skill area you did and an image of the digital certificate you are referring to.

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