Last Updated: 22-03-2021 16:11



    1. Good morning Mr. Lazarus. We currently do not have a skill area in Locksmith. The closest skill area to that is Cabinet Making. You can contact our offices at 876-977-1700 to speak further on this.

  1. Good morning, can you specify the location for the Business Administration (Management) assessment please?

    1. Good morning Ms.McLeggon, it depends. If you are a private candidate please contact the Overseas Examination Commission for more details. If you registered with an institution or through Workforce, they will make arrangements for you.

    1. Good morning. There are three exam cycles for the year: February, June and November. It is recommended that you do one exam at a time as there may be clashes of two exams happening same day and time. You can also choose to do the exams in two different cycles.

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