The Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) is an award that represents the achievement of a set of competencies. These competencies define the core work practices of an occupation and are consistent with the levels within the regional qualifications framework. CVQs are competency-based qualifications that are granted on the basis of assessment of individuals against regionally approved standards. This award is proof that an individual has demonstrated the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes within the occupation as set out in the regionally approved competency standards.

The CVQs are qualifications that are based on a common approach to training, assessment and certification as agreed by the National Training Agencies of the region. This agreement is done under the auspices of the Caribbean Association of National Training Agencies (CANTA).

Through this standardized process, there is mutual recognition of the CVQ, which forms the basis for the free movement of skilled workers throughout the CARICOM region. The CVQ is endorsed by CARICOM as work-based qualifications and will prepare persons to immediately enter the world of work on completion of the certification requirements.

What Is The Value Of The CVQ?

  • The Caribbean Vocational Qualification offers the following benefits:
  • Broad-based preparation for employment
  • Guaranteed competence of the individual in the specific skill area
  • Modernised qualifications
  • Comparability and transferability of skills
  • Relevance and portability of qualification
  • Movement of workers across the Caribbean region (CSME) and beyond