1. The organization must complete and submit an Application for Accreditation form with the programme(s) for evaluation (or reaffirmation) to the Registrar of NCTVET.
  2. Upon receipt, a Quality Assurance specialist from the NCTVET will visit the organization to conduct technical workshop.
  3. At the point of readiness, the organization must complete and submit a policy and procedure manual and agree on evaluation dates.
  4. The Quality Assurance unit of the NCTVET will schedule evaluation activities and the organization will be informed of all evaluation arrangements.
  5. A visiting team of professionals will conduct the accreditation evaluation exercise.
  6. An evaluation team report will be prepared by the Quality Assurance Unit and submitted to the organization.
  7. The organization must submit a written response to the evaluation team report to the Quality Assurance Unit.
  8. The team report will be submitted to the Quality Assurance Committee of the Council for review and judgment on accreditation.