Become A Registered Assessor Today

1. The Assessor Registration form must be completed and submitted to NCTVET along with the following:

  • copy of the applicant’s NVQ-J Level 4 Assessor Certificate
  • copy of the applicant’s resume
  • signed Application to Assess Competency Standard form indicating the requested units and their codes

(Download Application for Assessor Registration)

2. New assessors are required to pay a fee to be registered on the NTA Qualification System (NQS).

3. All applications are reviewed and approved by the Director/Manager of the Quality Assurance Department, NCTVET.

4. Registered assessors must operate on the basis of the following requirements:

  • the criteria of the NCTVET as stated in the Profile of an Assessor
  • keep abreast of developments in the area by training in additional assessor competencies as they become available
  • only assess the competencies for which they are registered
  • follow the requirements of the Assessment Guidelines
  • function only under the jurisdiction of an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) or the NCTVET
  • be computer literate and trained to use the NTA Qualification System (NQS)
  • have access to the internet and an active e-mail address

5. Registered assessors may apply for additional competencies by submitting a signed Application to Assess Competency Standards form along with proof of the relevant certification and transcript in the area to support the units being requested. Applications for additional competencies attract a fee.