Re-sit Procedure
Candidates may re-sit components of the summative assessment using the same Continuous Assessment (CA) scores, providing that the re-sit is done within three (3) years of the date of the first assessment. If a candidate was unsuccessful in any area of the CA, that is, achieved a rating below 3, he/she will have to improve these scores at the institution in order to be eligible to re-sit the summative assessments. After meeting the CA requirements, the candidate may apply to re-sit the component that he or she had failed. If three (3) years elapse before a student/trainee re-applies, the entire training programme and assessment will have to be repeated. New CA scores must be submitted by the institution. The re-sit application must be submitted accompanied by proof of payment of the re-sit assessment fee before the stipulated closing date. In addition, candidates must pay the registration fee (see Section Fee Structure).

Appeal Procedure
A candidate may request a review of the assessment results if he/she is dissatisfied with the rating achieved or feels that an error may have been made during the processing of the results. Requests for review must be submitted in writing and accompanied by the appropriate fee (see Fee Structure) within six (6) months of the official release of the assessment results. It should clearly indicate the name and registration number of the candidate, skill area, assessment date and the centre at which the assessment was conducted. The findings of the review will be communicated to customers within the established timeline as indicated on the ‘NCTVET Response Time for Customer Requests.’ The NCTVET however, cannot guarantee that the findings of the review will be concluded before the next sitting of the assessment. Therefore, it is advised that if a candidate wishes to re-sit the assessment in the next sitting, he/she should submit an application with the appropriate fees paid pending the outcome of the review. If a change occurs in the candidate’s result then he/she may withdraw the application. The appeal fee is refundable only if the review results in an improvement in the candidate’s score. The result of the review is final and no further requests for appeal will be entertained.