The Information and Records Management (IRM) Unit operates as the nucleus or hub of the assessment, certification and accreditation processes. The unit plays an integral role in the development and maintenance of the record management system to support the various activities/services of the NCTVET.  The objectives of the Unit are achieved through the development of systems and procedures for the timely processing of the following core activities:

1.General Inquiry (ready & intermediate references – 5 days5 days
2.General Inquiry (extended references)10 days
3.Assessor Authorization Letter (Reprint)2 days
4.Dissemination of application formsOn Request
5.Processing of applicationsAs Scheduled
6.Facilities Standards (electronic/printed)5-13 days
7.Dissemination of Assessment Results6 days
8.Preparation of Certificates – (June Assessment)40 days
9.Preparation of Certificates – (Nov. Feb. Assessment)20 days
10.Correction and Reprint of Certificates (Batch)14 days
11.Correction and Reprint of Certificates (Individual)10 days
12.Replacement of Certificate (Batch)14 days
13.Replacement of Certificate (Individual)8 days
14.Transcript (Individual)6 days
15.Transcript (Batch)10 days
16.Status/Endorsement Letter (prior to 1994)9 days
17.Verification of Certification/Status Letter (after 1994)5 days
18.Verification of Accreditation/Centre Approval Status5 days
19.Verification of Partnership with Institution/Organisation5 days

As the first point of contact, the IRM Unit interfaces with TVET institutions, various industries and the general public. Customer service is at the heart of the NCTVET business; for this reason, qualified customer service representatives are in place to engage customers in an effective way to ensure positive outcomes and experiences.